Monday, October 17, 2011

Give me shelter...........

Well my end of town  has been hit by rain and high winds up to 50 mph over the weekend. My usual milk run of streams were up and brown which left me searching for alternatives.

After moping about the conditions on Saturday and Sunday, I summoned up enough motivation this morning and headed north for a day at the zoo. My plan was to find a place protected by today's high winds with the hopes of hooking up with a roe wagon  to replenish my supply.

This morning at daylight I took my traditional spot among more gentlemanly anglers and away from what happens  near the dam. Everybody was well mannered and friendly today. There was acceptable current flowing through the run with no sign of the murk or mud I left behind.

Though I did not hook up with any willing roe wagons, I did catch some decent browns which made the trip worth while. There was not much around as far as  steelhead yet. I saw just a few caught today.

Today was worth trip.

Until later..............

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  1. Thanks... I will be up around there on the 17-20 of next month!