Sunday, October 30, 2011

skunked wtf..............

No pictures,no smiles, no accounts of steelhead victory.

I put work in today.

On the water at sun up.

26 degrees and busted out the Stanley's on the guides to keep things going.

One light hit down low but it was a ghost town the rest of the time.

Then I hit a few more "go to" spots and put in a lot of walking a little farther upstream.

Nothing,zero,zilch, nadda....

I  threw everything at them: beads,roe, plastic worms, and jigs.

Quite peculiar to have a dropping green steelhead stream that should be jacked with a fresh run produce nothing. There were quite a few people out and I saw no one do nothing except for one guy dragging one on a stringer.

I have nothing but speculation and contrived tales  by others.

Lamprey predations

reduced stocking in the tribs on the down low by the state.

Yet other Great Lakes are on fire this year.

I have some thinking to do............


  1. Hey Joe. Great place you have here. I have been lurking here quite a bit. Makes me feel like I am there when I am stuck in the office.

    I am guessing they were probably there. Sometimes the most perfect cons for the angler are not necessarily the perfect cons for the fish to want to play.

  2. Hang in there brother...Steelhead are funny creatures.