Monday, October 5, 2009

The difference between a good fisherman and a great fisherman......

The difference between a good fisherman and a great fisherman does not lie in how many fish are caught when conditions are perfect but how many fish are caught in less than perfect conditions.
I met Bill and Frank for a Monday outing. As they pulled up, I was tilted against the truck seat with the door open, half leaning and half standing with a Tim Horton's in my hand.
Bill looked at me as I drank my coffee and said "whats wrong?"
I said "look at the water. "
Bill replied "too shallow?"
I said "too muddy."
Bill and Frank made their way out of their vehicle to confirm my statement and a change of plans was agreed upon.
We hit plan B as the morning light showed her face against the boiling water and current seams painting a dark greenish brown hue .
The water was less than perfect but in comparison to our alternatives it could have been worse.
We would have to make do.
The weather was pleasant for a change and we were pleased with the changes in creek from last year. I surveyed my options and got to work.
The result for my efforts today was a big shiny goose egg.
Bill got and few and Frank got more than a few.
Hence the difference between good and great fisherman.
These men produce regardless of the adverse conditions and I........
Well lately I am mired in inconsistency.
I have a few good days mixed in with goose eggs.
I strive to be consistently consistent in all conditions thrown my way.
So that at the end of the day I do not mutter "God damn Canadians!" as they just smile and put their rods away.
I humbly submit to my masters for now...........just for now..............


  1. You're not playing on a level field!
    Next time I'll make sure we are all using the same ammunition, BEFORE we start!
    God damned Canucks!
    Many thanks for sharing the day

    See you soon,

  2. I am sitting here trying to decide where to fish tomorrow...
    Good to see you have been getting out.
    You are way ahead of me if that is any consolation to you.
    Nice reel...
    I used to have one just like it but I always come back to my Islander.
    Good luck out there.

  3. and what is wrong with canadains?
    as always i enjoy your postings sitting here in my truck in LA waiting to get home to try and get out fishn in the few days i have off