Friday, November 13, 2009

The Commander saves the day......

Yesterday the commander and I decided to change it up and go north to the D.B.. We arrived at our destination to find relatively limited vehicles and a nice flow coming from the dam. We were both optimistic that it would be a good morning.
I hooked and lost a few brown. The Commander hooked a few fish and others were catching also. Then the dam shut off the flow. the current disappeared and the water became stagnant.
Our D.B. experience ended abruptly.

The Commander and I returned to my truck and decided to work our way back home. we decided that the Commander would guide me today to some of his home water and that he did.

We were lucky to find a few stretches with green or dark water in a clear running tributary.
The both of us got into a few nice fish that were surprisingly aggressive.
I was grateful to Tom for showing me some of his water and salvaging the day for both us.
A morning off today to rest my weary bones and take care of some business.

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