Monday, April 27, 2009

30 plus bass....??????????

No pictures today because there were no steelhead caught.

After taking off the weekend, I hit the Catt at 6am hoping to get a few drop backs. I didn't know how long Iwould make it as the temps are supposed to get to 81 today.

The reports I received of the weekend stated that there were still dropbacks as far up as Gowanda which means there could be luck anywhere from there down. Fish were still hitting roe and jigs per the reports also.

well I caught no steelhead but got into 30 plus smallies on jigs. It REALLY did become a nuisance though they are great fighters. There appears to have been the first big push of bass from the lake this weekend. Which means either use strictly roe to stay away from the bass or be prepared for their intrusion onto your line with jigs and pink worms.

By 9:30am it started to get hot and I packed it up and left.

One good note is one my buds Skinner X gave me a brand new pair of Hodgeman neoprene stocking foot waders that were just my size. He just had them laying around unused bagged in his garage. So I threw a pair of old Rocky hunting boots that were ready for the garbage over them and some corkers and I was a new man. What a great feeling to take of waders and not have wet socks or sweat pants. These will hold me over for the week or so that is left in this season.

The clock is ticking down and summer is knocking on the door. We have cooler temps forecasted this week after today so hope still springs eternal.


  1. a disappointing but expected read, Joe.
    I'm still hoping for a miracle day next Monday

  2. Some peeps complain about catching fat prespawn Smallies by the truck load. Hmmmm I guess I'd rather catch chrome bulletts but let's face is late spring. I would rather catch fat smallies to pass the time than say "Nothing" or "Suckers".