Friday, April 24, 2009

Two hours and I was done this morning.....

First of all ,before I left this morning I deposited my Orvis waders in the garbage bin for this morning's pick up. I will be using my slightly less leaky loaner waders which I will try to aqua seal over the weekend. Unless I completely break down and go wader shopping this weekend. I would rather wait until next season.

I hit the Catt at first light and on my second drift I caught a small chromer on a jig. That was it for that section. Like a dumb dumb I did not clean the grit from the pin last night and she wasn't flowing properly which was not fun. I think I need to lube her up.

Before I left Jerry from Renegade Rods showed up with Magic Mike and some friends. They got a couple fish but I was NOT feeling the magic

Jerry showed me one of his latest toys a red Kingpin Series 1 on a new rod he just whipped up. It was a gorgeous rod with beautiful wrapped, naked mermaids, and steelhead on the shaft.

Jerry ... what are you up to now? Ten pins and how many rods?

His rods are a work of art.

I left those fine fisherman and decided to stop at one spot on the reservation. On my fourth drift I snagged up and lost my float. That was it for me today roughly 2 hours and done and I was happy with it. I have done well lately and I buried the waders today.

Tomorrow I will be off relaxing and watching the NFL draft at Schombatron's household. This is a tradition that goes back over 10 years. Beer, food, and football.

You see here in Buffalo the off season moves and transactions are more exciting than the heartbreaking regular season.

Time to relax........................

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