Monday, April 20, 2009

Gusty Morning..............

Monday morning.... another day that I had planned to take off. Once again I found myself driving in the dark to the reservation on the Catt. I had to be out for a few hours at least.

Some people go to the gym everyday. Well the water is becoming my gym workout. I start twitching and shaking if I don't get my early morning fresh air walk.

The weather report called for a light rain and windy conditions with gusts in excess of 35 miles per hour from the south-south east.

In the half light I made my way through a wooded area to fish a run. The water has been really nice for the last week and we have been graced with some spring fishing on the Catt. She usually runs brown with April showers this time of year. I popped a few and lost a few on pink presentations and lost a couple after it slowed down on jigs. There was a bass to throw in also.

I was greeted by a special friend while I was fishing. There are times when you can just sense somebody is watching you behind your back. I had that very feeling this morning. I felt eyes staring at my back and I turned around to find a fox about 10 yards away standing there on the bank just looking at me. I looked at him and he looked at me. Then when I said hello and went for a picture he took off into the woods.

I fished a few more spots on the reservation with no luck and the wind was getting stronger and stronger. I did what I could to find areas hidden from the wind but I needed to change locations. I went lower on the creek to where we fished yesterday and spent an hour or two drifting above the railroad bridge. All to report there was a bass on a jig but no steel. I tried a few more spots in that area but the wind was whipping so strong tree branches were cracking in the woods so I called it a day by noon.

Maybe tomorrow... just maybe............

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