Sunday, November 1, 2009

DB2 Welcome to thunderdome......

Tom and I got out for a few hours this morning and with all the streams mucked up we decided to go back to the dirty B. for the circus. We got there an hour late as we did not take into account daylight savings time.

We fished the slower staging water with no luck and the prime spot was filled up this morning.
After we had enough we decided to walk toward the dam to get an eye full of the Zoo.

It was as expected a horrifying sight. Luckily we only saw a few fish caught all day. The sportsmen and I use the term loosely were lined up shoulder to shoulder from trestle to dam.

Honestly that is not fishing and I really don't have a name for it. I still can't believe people pay good money to drive here from out of state to participate in that sideshow.

Lambton if your out there it reminds me of that 1972 Michigan Salmon fishing movie you had up on your blog.

Well after Tom took a few pictures of the Circus to send to Eric in Albany for a chuckle; we moved on to a new creek of Lake O. This mid size creek had no people but the fishing was non existent also.

I am sick of seeing leaves flowing down stream and tea stained water.

Enough is enough. I want my mint green steelhead water back. NOW!

A little snow on the ground wouldnt be bad either......


  1. I learned a long time ago fishing burt can be epic if the crowd you in is a little sportsman like! If that person is the opposit it can be a long darn day! I spent some time close to your neck of the woods Saturday and fished with some friends it was nice!

  2. LOL!!!

    Better water lay ahead Joe.
    I also marvel at the fact that peeps travel great distance to partake in the carnival on at the DB. I guess everyone needs to experience it once or twice. Heck...we did it twice combined with Oak Orchard runs.
    What I don't understand are the peeps that pay guides to fish those rivers. I wish I had their money...
    BTW...The MI water up near the dams of the tribs on the West Side can be quite the specticle at times as well.