Monday, April 6, 2009

4 in the mud............

Today I looked for the least muddy , murky water in the tribs as the the bigger tribs were messed up from the high winds and rain a few days ago.
I found water that had 8 to 12 inches of water clarity and I gave it a shot.

At 7 am it was not raining and the lake was relatively flat. There was a noticeable sandbar at the mouth of the creek. The depth in the creek seemed a little low but there was a decent current. An hour or so later the winds shifted and it rained for awhile. The shifting winds rose the creek levels and I got into two fish in that area.

After a while the West- North West winds pushed a lot of brown into the mouth so I moved upstream a little ways. Over the next few hours I got 2 more and lost 2 in the murk.
I was happy to catch what I did as other tribs looked lousy.
My presentation in these challenging conditions was a pink work laced onto a small jig head and slowly trotted through the strike zones. The takes were light nibbles and I delayed the strike until the pink worm was inhaled.

Snow tonight....yeah!!!!!

Feeling tired and cranky

Until tomorrow..................

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