Saturday, April 4, 2009

It is exactly how you expected.................

Rain.........dropping temperatures.....
and 50 MPH gusts from a nasty west wind. You get the picture right?

The tribs are a coffee brown so I am thinking Monday or Tuesday is the next best bet for fishable water.

This week some bass and carp moved into the creeks. Some suckers were already in the tribs so the transition is starting. The one good thing is that the temps will continue to be cold and there is still some ice pack left in the Eastern Basin. I am hoping this keeps are Mykiss friends around a little bit longer.

We have had an abnormally cold winter so I'm wondering if any of you evil genius's can remember how long the steelhead have stayed in the streams in such circumstances. Just a question to boot around.

I also for some reason was hearkening back to the El Nino winters of the late 90's when the mid winter temps stayed in the 40's and 50's for a good portion of the winter. Now that was good times.

The waders are drying out and with what looks like a a 2 day hiatus from steelhead fantasy camp I may have the opportunity to Aqua Seal the rotting old neoprene's. In hopes this will hold me through the last few weeks. Then to the garbage I say! Would any of you believe I have had my Orvis neoprene's since 1998? They have weathered the abuse quite well and I am shocked they lasted this long. Time to get with the times and get a pair of breathable stocking foots which will make clocking the countless miles up and down the streams a hell of a lot easier than the boot foots and corkers. I have the legs of an East German weight lifter thanks to them.

Have a good weekend and by the way.... Lambton are you still alive?

Hope you are out there some where fishing in MI brother.

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  1. Still kickin dude...Spent the last 2 days in TO for a wedding. What a wedding I must say! WOW! They sure know how to kick it in "the city."

    No fishing til Wed morning when we head over to the west side for 3 days of much needed fun.
    Hit the bass pro today in Vaughn for some supplies.