Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ran into Mr. Bill and Buda...

Same old story today. I promised myself I would not fish today and just give it a rest for once. But I woke up during the 3rd period of the the Canucks game on the CBC and some how stayed up the rest of the night. I turned off the unneeded alarm at 5am and geared up. I hit the Cat at daylight and decided to bushwhack a different route on the creek. Luckily I waited until daylight. It was an endless maze of bramble and thorn bush's but I got to my destination no worse for wear.
The waders only slow leaked today as I didn't go in all the way. I fished a nice little run this morning that did not produce early on. I then worked my way down stream for a few hundred yards with no success. So I started all over from the top and hit one steelie on white mesh the things slowed for a while. Bill Shearer showed up with Buda and his son and the worked the opposite bank. I switched over to jig presentations and got a few more steelhead with a small brown trout and some smallmouth mixed in. Once that sun started to get high around 11:30am to noon it got dead as a door nail out there. Bill and Buda packed it up for lunch and I hit the trail of thorns back on the opposite bank.
It was nice to finally meet Buda and his son and Bill is a class act as always. Sorry gentlemen for declining your lunch invitation. With the leaky waders I didn't want to go into the restaurant looking like I wet myself.
Tomorrow I will in all likelihood be out with the Commander somewhere. I have the urge to sit back and play guide as I have been getting some pain in my casting wrist from the daily grind on the water. Correction not a grind at all. I will cherish this season and all the hours I have spent on the water for the rest of my life. It has cleared my head and cleansed my soul. I really do feel like a new man in many ways. And while the future is uncertain, I am excited for its endless possibilities.
Until tomorrow................


  1. Slow day for me, but great company.
    I was basically a spectator today, but really enjoyed watching Brendan fishing the Kingpin Combo!
    I wish I was that good that young!
    Thanks for a pleasurable day.

  2. Good on bud!!

    I hear ya about clearing the mind and cleansing the soul...

    I may have to try and make my way back to fish the Catt one day soon - been about 8 years since I have been there.

    Good luck tomorrow dude!

  3. Never judge an outing by the amount of fish you catch!

    Bill....Thanks for helping create a monster! Although I'm not sure what Brendan enjoys more...the fishing or the suddenly customary stop for "lunch" afterwards.

    Joe...nice to finally put a face to the name. Way to smack them chromers! FYI...sometimes a cold beer and wings can also help cleanse the soul. Another time.

  4. Good Deal Joe...
    You are correct in saying you will cherish this season the rest of your life. Although I feel for your employment state I am most certainly jealous of your fishing opportunity.
    I'm glad you are taking advantage of it and getting out there.
    I myslef have re-evaluated what is important in my life and seizing the moment has become high on my list. Let's face it...we are not getting younger and who knows what tomorrow has in store for us. A bucket full of cash will do nobody any good when they are dead.