Tuesday, April 21, 2009

This is a short one...........

The rain yesterday put a little spike in the hydro graph but it had no effect on the water conditions or clarity.

I started of at dawn on the Catt. I ran into the the fox again on his rounds. As for the fishing it was was slow my first 4 or 5 stops I could not even get a sniff. After deciding to drop down on the creek I mustered up 1 smaller fish on a pink worm. All other offerings were not working. The bass were not even active.

I did run into a few people with reports of some fish getting caught here or there but nothing solid in any one section. As always at this time of year there is a mix of drop backs and the skippers. Couldn't get my mojo working in 4 hours so I called it day.

Warm weather forecasted for the weekend.

Are we near the end?

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  1. Oh the end is very near my friend. It saddens me. But it may be a blessing. If I keep up my piscatorial absences from work they will most certainly absence me permanently.
    Also, time to settle into a Summer Groove with the family.
    Good times lay ahead this fall...