Friday, April 17, 2009

This man is not happy............

Yes I am not happy. This morning Mike P. and I hit the Catt at 7am. I had the loaner Hodgman neoprene waders on with hopes they would hold me over as a temporary stop gap.

Guess what the first moment I hit the water , I fee a damp wet feel from my calf down in both legs. Yes these waders leaked too. there was bush whacking today or anything. It simply was park, walk down a path, and jump in the water. My well documented wader problems continue. Is there a good wader company out there? and where? anyone ? anyone ? Bueller?
I tried to tough it out for a little while but the water was 47 degrees and it was in the low thirties this morning. After an hour in the lower end of the system, I went back to my truck and drained out the waders, devised a mobile sock dryer, and put my cold wet feet into my boots. We stopped at Timmy Ho's for a warm up coffee and to revise our plans.
As Mike today off to fish with me, I did not want to go home and dry out and leave him hanging.

The coffee warmed me up along with the truck heater and we headed to Gowanda to get Mike a damn fish and we did that. He put on his waders and I fished from shore in my damp long underwear and sweat pants. Luckily as the day went on the temp warmed up and the breeze started to dry out the sweats.

We fished the long pool and each got a fish. I bulk shotted a white presentation with a six foot leader under a 7 gram float and popped a drop back sitting of the seam. Then shortly after that Mike got one fishing the tail out with a chartreuse presentation. He was happy and I was happy he got a fish. We tried a few other spots and Mike had one on briefly but that was it for the days events.

Then it was time for another coffee and a ride home to dry out the blown out Orvis waders from two days ago and to dry out the Hodgmans from today's mishap. Uggh!!!!

Tomorrow is up in the air right now as far as when and even if......

Have a good evening people.

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  1. Some days are diamonds, some days suck!
    Sorry you had the latter.
    I hope that I will be able to catch a few for another few weeks, so maybe you'll have to bite the bullet and get a new pair. Check out LLBean or Cabelas. The waders are good, but the guarantee is excellent.