Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wind and Rain..........

Today was a slow day compared to yesterday and compared to most other days too. There was a driving wind so if you are were on the wrong side of the pool you were SOL. We all love casting into gusts of wind as much of as we love pissing into the wind.

The windy conditions were later in the morning joined by a cold down pour. There were some fish to be had in the usual spot on the spots but not spectacular numbers. One guy got a nice steelie on a spoon about 9 or 10 lbs. While another guy kept himself busy on skips. I got tired to trying to mend my drift so I opted for the jig and let the wind and current do the driving.

I managed to bang one steelhead and a smallmouth and lost a couple but that was it for the morning. The wind /current combo started pushing a little bit of pack ice into the mouth but it has stopped raining this afternoon and the sun is desperately attempting to break through the clouds. I guess I could use a little break as I was a little tired walking back today. All soggy and cold and the such. I have to dry everything out again for tomorrow's fun and games. Dont know if i will change the venue yet. Well we are supposed to get a quarter of an inch to a half inch of rain between today and tonight which should help keep things nice and green and hopefully not brown.

Both of today's pictures were provided from the camera of Bill Shearer, King Pin rep and steelheader extraordinaire. He took a picture of some grizzled hobo looking hack from across the stream and it turned out to be me.

Until tomorrow people.................

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  1. Thanks for the photo credit Joe!
    Probably see you on Friday....