Friday, April 24, 2009

Yesterday's PM shift with Comander Tom

Tom shot out of work like a rocket yesterday and we were on the Catt by 4:30pm for my 2nd shift of the day.
As we were driving to the Catt he tells me his wife told us to be careful. She has an odd psychic ability in regard to premonitions. That is all he told me.

Well the first spot we pulled a few fish out of but we had other places to hit.

As I was wading calf deep bumping into tree roots and rocks my already leaky Orvis waders were flooding in the left foot. I got out of water to find an inch and a half gash in the boot section above the ankle. There is no repairing that and her days are done. So I happily dealt with the malfunction issue and we got on with business catching fish on chartreuse eggs and jigs.

We moved to another area of the creek and that is where Tom got on fire and had a great even for what may be his last bite at this season's apple. We also ran into an old friend swinging flies Mr. Jim Kinner who was fishing below us. Tom continued to catch fish and I had a few too. It turned out to be a great evening.

When Tom got home his wife told him her premonition was of a cut in rubber so she was worried we were going to have a truck tire blow out. Tom told her no honey just a tear in the waders but that is close enough.

A good night it was.............


  1. Joe, cudos on your expert guiding. It was tough to leave last night since it most likely will be my last steelhead outing of the season. Thanks again for an enjoyable few hours of fishing. Now we can enjoy catching some Erie smallies and look forward to fishing some new water in the Fall.

  2. Perhaps she had a premonition of a different rubber tearing...uh oh Tom!

    Nice job on the water boys - Wait until I bring a screaming 6 year old tearing through the deepest drifts trying to snatch chrome...Get the cameras ready.... Croaker Ace

  3. No need to worry about that brother. The wonders of modern medicine have taken that fear out of my life.

    The boys can't wait for you to venture back to town. We all miss the banter on the water as well as the snack jacket ......

  4. It's sad to hear that the end of the season is nigh, but i can see the writing on the wall.
    I'm hoping for a last kick at the Catt in a couple of weeks, but failing that, I'll try the Niagara